How Automation Helps Credit Unions Answer Today’s Staffing Challenges

17 January 2022

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Quinte Chairman Venu Gopal, and Kirk Kordeleski — Senior Advisor for Quinte and former CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union — joined CUBroadcast to share their insights on today’s credit union staffing challenges, connecting back-end delivery with front-end demand — all boiling down to automation.

Venu and Kirk address the hurdles credit unions need to address today, which include:

  1. retirement
  2. demand for people (quality)
  3. budgeting (specifically, increased pay)

They added that these hurdles (especially increased pay) may deteriorate credit unions’ “best rates” claim in the near future. As a result, credit unions will have to automate more and find partners to fill gaps to maintain growth and service levels. Again, automation is the key here.

A really fascinating conversation with Venu and Kirk on our current environment and how technology can play a huge role in alleviating many of the challenges occurring right now.

Source: This article was originally published in “CU broadcast” on January 11, 2022

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