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17 February 2022

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In this issue of Intellectual Capital – our interview series with financial services industry thought leaders – we feature Bob Vandenbergh, the former Regional President and COO of Lakeland Bank, who recounts lessons learned and highlights of his long, successful banking career.

Robert Vandenbergh
Former Regional President and COO
Lakeland Bank

“Automation of operational functions is certainly part of the long-term solution, but that risks the loss of the personal touch”

The catalyst for Bob Vandenbergh’s career in banking was based on a desire to pay the next month’s rent, rather than a life-long dream to be a banker. But over the course of his 40+ year banking career, Bob has been involved in (or been responsible for) nearly every banking function; managed the turnaround of a bank on the verge of closure; and been involved in the negotiation and integration of some the industry’s most successful M&A transactions. Bob is not only recognized as a “banker’s banker,” he’s widely known and respected as an individual who represents the best attributes of community banking.

  • What he and his wife were looking for on “junk night”
  • Why he left a successful position to head up a failing bank
  • The toughest part of bank acquisitions, in terms of integration
  • The outlook for banking industry consolidation
  • Why community banks are well positioned to recruit talent

To learn more about Bob Vandenbergh and his hands-on insights as a senior banking executive click here to read our entire interview.

Be on the lookout for future issues of Intellectual Capital, and let us know is there’s a financial services industry thought leader you think we should feature.

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