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29 October 2022

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In this inaugural issue of Intellectual Capital – our interview series with financial services industry thought leaders – we feature Mike Atkins, the co-founder and CEO of Open Technology Solutions, one of the industry’s most innovative and successful CUSOs.

Mike Atkins
Open Technology Solutions

“Organizations must first decide if they really want to collaborate, as opposed to just talking about it.”

Mike Atkins began his career working as a petroleum engineer for Amoco. But when the price of oil dropped from $35 to $12 a barrel in 1986, he found himself without a job. So Mike packed up his truck, and went back to school to earn his MBA which led to a position at Deloitte Consulting and a long career in financial technology. In 2003, while serving as CIO for Bellco Credit Union, in partnership with Bethpage Federal Credit Union, they established Open Technology Solutions (OTS) as a CUSO serving the technology needs of both organizations. Their organization now consists of 3 credit unions and two CUSOs that provide shared services for all technology and back-office operations.

  • Why it’s so difficult for so many credit unions to collaborate
  • In what ways the digital revolution is changing community banking
  • The most significant opportunities for credit unions today
  • What differentiates OTS from other CUSOs
  • The lasting impact of the growth of the remote workforces

To learn more about Mike Atkins and what make OTS special, click here to read our entire interview.

Be on the lookout for future issues of Intellectual Capital, and let us know if there’s a financial services industry thought leader you think we should feature.

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