Leveraging Customer Analytics

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2024 Leveraging Customer Analytics The volatile financial services landscape has us all on the edge of our seats, especially as many institutions grapple with the challenging task of embracing the latest technological advancements. One such technical breakthrough is customer analytics. To provide supreme experiences, many financial institutions have embraced the power of data-driven decisions, and some are still finding ways to go full throttle into the data analytics dimension. Hear what our seasoned expert, Paresh Ashara, says as he discusses how financial institutions will transcend into the universe of hyper-customer analytics boundlessly and efficiently.

Watch this webinar to understand how your financial institution can seamlessly collate and extract data from various disparate sources to get a 360-degree view of your customers or members.


  • Paresh Ashara, VP – Data Analytics, Quinte Financial Technologies


  • David Halling, VP – Business Development, Quinte Financial Technologies
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