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Survival or Growth during Market Disruption: Bank Management Lessons from Previous Crises

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Date: Friday October 16, 2020 | Time: 2.00 PM Eastern


Robert Vandenbergh

Former Chief Operating Officer
Lakeland Bank

Amber Harsin

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Kenzie

Chief Information Officer
Patriot Federal Credit Union

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Kirk Kordeleski

Quinte Senior Advisor
Former CEO
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Financial Institutions face a market landscape that’s been re-defined, both in terms of market challenges and opportunities. How well banks, credit unions and CUSOs manage increasingly complex operational demands, both now and in the future, will be a key factor in their ability to increase revenue, gain new market share and maintain customer / member loyalty.

Join us October 16th on Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern for our “Managing the New Operational Priorities” webinar, which will showcase the first-hand experience and opinions of 4 respected financial services professionals, who will share their insights on:

  • How, and in what ways, economic and political uncertainty will re-shape the financial services marketplace forever
  • Which operational/back office functions are experiencing the greatest demand, disruption and innovation
  • What best practices are being applied to address Fraud/AML; Mortgage/Loan Processing; Dispute Management; PPP Loan Processing; and Customer Care
  • How Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics can and should be leveraged to gain competitive operational advantage