Quinte Financial Technologies Begins Operations Under New Brand Name; Reflects Shift in Market Demand for Financial Crime and Compliance Solutions

20 December 2019

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Rebranding of Established Provider Intended to Distinguish Quinte’s Ability to Combine FinTech with Human Capital for Small and Mid-Sized Financial Companies

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Quinte Financial Technologies Inc. (Quinte) – previously operating as Quatrro Processing Services (QPS); a longstanding provider of financial crime management solutions – announced today that the Company has been rebranded under the “Quinte” name.

“The Company’s name change to Quinte from QPS,” according to Chairman Venu Gopal, “reflects our differentiated response to a fundamental shift in how financial services companies, merchants and payment processors are currently addressing increased demands related to fraud protection, regulatory compliance and customer experience. Those institutions have learned that technology alone is not a panacea, and that it must be combined with domain knowledge and experienced human capital to deliver effective solutions. This combined, comprehensive capability serves as the basis for Quinte’s value proposition.”

Quinte provides clients with tailored, integrated solutions that couple best-of-breed technologies – including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics – together with more than two decades of financial services industry experience, supported by dedicated professional expertise. This capability enables Quinte’s clients to manage financial crime and regulatory compliance more effectively, and to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Quinte’s technologies and human capital capabilities are designed to:

  • Manage risk and losses across all traditional, digital and payment channels
  • Reduce expense through cost-efficient automated and managed services options for fraud and dispute case management, compliance, back office and data analytic requirements
  • Scale to meet any sized market demands for clients
  • Improve service delivery through 7x24x365 human support
  • Strengthen customer experience by reducing false positives

Quinte’s business focus is on small to mid-sized financial institutions, as well as large-scale payment processors and online merchants. Quinte will also partner with core providers and Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) to provide services to smaller banks and credit unions.

Quinte’s senior management team includes several individuals who are recognized authorities in banking, credit and risk management; notably, Sriram Natarajan, who serves as President. Mr. Natarajan possesses more than 25 years of financial services industry experience, in senior positions with respected organizations including American Express, HSBC, and GE Money.

According to Mr. Natarajan, “Financial institutions are struggling to compete with FinTech competitors and web-based retailers; to keep pace with increased criminal activity; and to reduce the customer friction caused by their fraud and compliance procedures.” He noted that these demands are difficult for many credit unions and mid-sized banks to address, as the payments ecosystem grows more complex. Mr. Natarajan said, “Quinte will enable those institutions to uncover new opportunities and strategies by providing focused analysis and tailored, cost-effective solutions that extend their capabilities and leverage their own brand.”

About Quinte Financial Technologies Inc.

Quinte combines computer science disciplines (including ML, AI and data analytics), deep industry expertise and human intelligence to help clients manage financial crime-related risks, meet regulatory requirements, and strengthen customer experience.

Quinte provides a range of services for commercial and community banks, credit unions, online merchants and payment processors, including:

  • Hub-based financial fraud detection and mitigation
  • Customer dispute analysis and resolution
  • Regulatory compliance support for BSA-related requirements
  • Transaction management and resolution
  • Specialized operational services

Quinte’s services are delivered on non-legacy based technology platforms that are flexible, intuitive, and tailored to meet specific client needs. Clients of all sizes rely on Quinte to provide reliable, scalable back-office solutions, so that they can focus more attention on rapid revenue growth. Learn more at www.quinteft.com

Source: This article was originally published in “PR Newswire” on December 18, 2019

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