Analytics as a Service

Quinte’s Analytics as a Service provides banks and credit unions with the ability to identify, harvest, and transform a broad range of data into actionable insights that can improve performance, reduce costs, and increase operational excellence and competitive advantage.

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Untap Your Data Potential

Widespread digitalization of financial services has provided valuable data streams from payment processing, online banking portals, mobile banking apps, and automated teller machines. These sources have grown over the past decades, but many banks and credit unions have not yet taken full advantage of the opportunity to harness the power of that data.

Quinte’s Analytics as a Service capabilities empowers financial institutions to:

  • Harvest and Interpret Customer/Member Transaction Data
  • Improve Productivity and Decision Making
  • More Effectively Manage Risk and Compliance Regulations

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Learn how financial institutions of all types apply our solutions.

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  • Develop Efficient Modeling for Managing Financial Risks

  • Improve Customer/Member Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Increase the Impact of Marketing Campaigns

Analytical & Data Science Capabilities

Credit and Risk Analytics

Credit and Risk Analytics

Portfolio and Origination Management

Portfolio and Origination Management

Data Modelling & Visualizations

Data Modeling & Visualizations

Operations and Customer Experience

Operations and Customer Experience

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Data Mining

Data Mining

A Broad Range of Analytics as a Service Capabilities

Credit Risk Analytics

  • Custom Scorecards (Credit Scoring Models)
  • Application, Behavioral, Collection
  • Loss Forecasting & Loss Given Default Models
  • Credit Risk Management

Fraud Analytics

  • Fraud Detection & Prediction
  • Rules Management

Big Data & Social Media Analytics

  • Customer 360° View & Pattern Mining
  • Customer & Market Pulse Monitoring
  • Competitive Intelligence on Social Media
  • B2C Lead Generation
  • Customer Interactions Analytics
  • Survey Analytics

Business Insight Dashboard & Reporting

  • Business Performance Monitoring
  • Dashboard Design & Development
  • Metrics Consulting – Develop Innovative Metrics to Quantify Important Customer Attributes

How Can We Help

Leverage Agile Computing Resources

  • Perform Cross-Organizational Analysis
  • Minimize Compliance Risks by Ensuring the Completeness and Accuracy
  • Employ Process Automation and Advanced Statistical Tools to Analyze Large Volumes of Data
  • Increase Data Security and Governance
  • Boost Growth Through Strategic Pricing Models and Data-Driven Marketing

Make Raw Data More Accessible

Achieve Forensic Data Analysis

Maximize Results with Advanced Data Tools

Increase Data Security and Governance

Our End-to-End Analytics Partnership Approach


What Happened?

Descriptive Analytics

  • Information
  • Reports
  • Dashboard


Why Did it Happen?

Diagnostic Analytics

  • Insights
  • Drilldown Queries


What May Happen?

Predictive Analytics

  • Foresights
  • Statistical Models
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining


What is the Best Course of Action?

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Optimization
  • What-if Scenario Analytics
  • Simulation Using Mathematical Models

Competitive Advantage Through Operational Excellence

We believe driving operational excellence is the pathway to digital transformation and competitive advantage. To help clients achieve that goal, we combine technological innovation with data-driven insights and human expertise. Our solutions and services can be customized to meet the needs of financial institutions of all types and sizes.

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