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An end-to-end integrated approach that combines expert services with technology to resolve disputes quickly and seamlessly.

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Reduce Expenses and Build Customer Loyalty

The payments landscape continues to push the boundaries in terms of transaction volume and payment channels. Increased online purchasing has made effective dispute management a key business imperative. In turn, this has put additional strain on the people, processes, and systems that manage disputes.

Quinte’s dispute management is an integrated approach that combines technology with reliable back-office support for end-to-end dispute management:

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  • Our workflow-enabled Aithent Dispute Manager (ADM), powered by our partner company, Aithent Inc., ensures delivery of fast, accurate, consistent, and recovery-driven results throughout the dispute’s lifecycle.

  • Our dispute management experts are prepared to support your bank, credit union and business from the moment an account holder submits a dispute until the final resolution.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 24×7 Service Support
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Increased Retention Rate
  • Scalable to Address any Volume Demand
  • Comprehensive Dispute Reports and Follow-up
  • Secure Environment for Data Security and Privacy

Dispute Sources We Cover

Credit Cards

Credit Card

Debit Card




End–to–End Dispute Management

Back Office Solution

  • Contact Center Support
  • Back-Office Claims Processing
  • New Dispute Creation (Inc. Voice Support)
  • Dispute Management Over Voice Call and Email

Technology Solution

  • Risk Scoring Model
  • Workflow Enabled Solution
  • Fraud Validation with Machine Learning
  • Automated Tools to Reduce Data Errors

Institutions We Serve

Quinte welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your current situation and requirements related to dispute management. We’re happy to answer your questions and are ready to start the process for you at your convenience.

Commercial Banks

Community Banks

Credit Unions

Digital Banks

Digital Banks

Competitive Advantage Through Operational Excellence

We believe driving operational excellence is the pathway to digital transformation and competitive advantage. To help clients achieve that goal, we combine technological innovation with data-driven insights and human expertise. Our solutions and services can be customized to meet the needs of financial institutions of all types and sizes.

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