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Either combined with delivery of our Quinte’s Services or as independent initiatives, we provide technology solutions for banks and credit unions.

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Together with our partner company, Aithent Inc., we develop and deliver technology solutions and services that enable our clients to:

  • Serve their Customers Efficiently and Cost-Effectively
  • Offer Innovative, High-value Solutions for Their Customers
  • Apply Technology in Ways that Provide Competitive Advantage
  • Manage Technology Transitions and Transformations in a Seamless Manner

Our VigilEye Alerts and Case Management System are two examples of technology solutions that Quinte currently provides for financial institutions.

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Key Features and Benefits

VigilEye is an effective tool to screen all work-in-process applications and to raise alerts on specific activity based on defined rules combined with AI/ML models, which use augmented data through our KYC partner. VigilEye provides:

  • Identification of Syndicate Frauds
  • Fraud Sampling Strategy and Rule-Based Queuing Logic
  • An Effective Decision Support Tool for Strategy/Policy Formulation

  • Easy Identification of High-Risk Segments through MIS & Forensic Analysis

Cloud Based Solutions

Broad Products & Services

Audit Trails

  • Individual Scanner Checklist
  • For All Applications Processed
  • Historical Database Maintained

Detailed Reporting

  • Charting
  • Tables
  • Analysis
  • Customizable

Data, AI/ML Rules

  • Data Augmentation Using Multiple Sources, AI/ML Models & Rules
  • Extensive Set of Checks
  • Rules to Create Flags For Decisioning

Rules Flexibility

  • Add New Rules
  • Modify Existing Rules
  • Activate/Deactivate Rules on The Fly


  • Easily Scalable
  • API Integration Ready

Interactive GUI

  • Queue Manager & Supervisor View
  • All Decision Parameters For Manual Review
  • In Depth Case-assessment by Fraud Analysts

Range of Coverage

Fraud Risk Management

  • Sales Force Classification
  • Loss Analysis
  • Negative Database Management
  • Fraud Pattern Analysis

Fraud Strategy/Intelligence

  • Fraud Detection & Prediction
  • Rules Management
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Fraud to Sales Indicators

Rule Engine & Reports

  • Offers More than 60 Alert Parameters
  • Generates More than 10 Pre-Defined Reports
  • Ad Hoc Report Generator

Case Management System

Quinte’s Case Management System is a secure browser-based solution built on the J2EE technology, the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications which can be implemented on a variety of platforms; easily supporting the most stringent IT standards.

With a case-centric approach, our Case Management capability allows users to define workflows that best suit their organizational needs while enabling standardization of the most effective practices to investigate suspicious activities and address organizational compliance requirements.

Our Enterprise Case System supports the complete case life cycle, and covers a broad range of applications.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Solution Interface is User-Friendly and Easily Configured
  • Dashboards and Case Views are also Easily Configured
  • Quinte Professionals Manage All Aspects of Implementation and Training
  • Set of Out-of-the-Box Reports; Easily Configured Customized Reports
  • Secure Ad Hoc Reporting Available as an Option
  • Agnostic to Source of Data; Solution Includes APIs to Integrate with External Systems
  • Use of Advanced Analytics Includes Link Analysis and Alert Risk Scoring to Enrich the Investigation Process and Deliver Recommendations to Specific Tasks, Actions, and Decisioning
  • Automated Communication Functionality Elevates Internal and External Collaboration, Optimizes Progress Tracking, and Facilitates Adherence to Deadlines
  • Easy Identification of High-Risk Segments through MIS & Forensic Analysis
  • User-Friendly Administration Supports Effective User Management

Case Management Applications

Corporate Security

Corporate Security

  • Loss Investigation
  • Recoveries & Restitution
Debit Card & ACH

Debit Card & ACH

  • Dispute Management
  • Letter Generation


  • AML Investigation
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Electronic Filing
  • Batch SAR/CTR/DOEP
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience
  • Feedback

Competitive Advantage Through Operational Excellence

We believe driving operational excellence is the pathway to digital transformation and competitive advantage. To help clients achieve that goal, we combine technological innovation with data-driven insights and human expertise. Our solutions and services can be customized to meet the needs of financial institutions of all types and sizes.

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