Quinte’s Hyperautomation Solutions provide banks and credit unions with the ability to harness the power of disruptive technologies to transform their business operations.

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Gain Market Advantage Through Hyperautomation

Financial institutions can no longer be certain who their competitors will be in the future – or in their ability to compete at all. The application of intelligent automation and digital technologies – including robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities – continues to gain momentum. Although most banks and credit unions understand that hyper automation is the future, relatively few of them know where to start or how to proceed.

Quinte can help banks and credit unions in two ways:

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  • Direct Assistance in the development and implementation of automation solutions for core operational functions

  • Consulting Services that provide a detailed analysis and roadmap for the development of an automation strategy

Benefits of Intelligent Hyperautomation

Business Process Efficiency

You achieve faster turnaround times and eliminate unnecessary activity, so that your focus can be on tasks that add value.

Quality Improvement

When standardized through automation, projects don’t get held up, data turns more securely, and your organization achieves a consistent standard of outcomes.

Faster Adoption

An automated system can be reconfigured and updated quickly, so new changes don’t result in new problems.

Easier Compliance

Regulation and governance are complex issues, but automation keeps an electronic audit trail of all business processes and records and is easily available.

Informed Business Insights

Automation provides a more accurate view of business workflows, allowing you to better understand how your business performs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The speed and consistency of output that Automation provides can significantly enhance the customer experience. As organizations shift their focus towards process and operational excellence, automation can help them meet high standards at a uniform rate and finally surpass customer expectations.

A Broad Range of Analytics as a Service Capabilities

Our goal in all hyperautomation assignments is to ensure that business resources are utilized in the most efficient manner, with the least possible time and money invested. As a bank or credit union becomes more familiar with automation solutions, they often want to expand the scope and complexity of the solutions they apply.

Based on their unique requirements and budgets, they can choose from Quick Hyperautomation (QHA), Business Hyperautomation (BHA), Robotic Hyperautomation (RHA), and Intelligent Hyperautomation (IHA). Although these solutions may sound similar, there are fundamental Differences, and their application largely depends on business goals. We can design and implement a solution that’s tailored to meet your specific situation and objectives.

Business Hyperautomation

  • Includes workflow automation, task & project management, Document management, and communications

Robotic Hyperautomation

  • Automates the repeatable and mundane data entry and file processing tasks or legacy system integrations

Process Orchestration

  • Integrates all data and process systems for unified execution and elimination of data silos

Al, ML & Data Analytics

  • Leverages data and past history to assist in decision-making and prescriptive and deductive analytics

How Quinte Can Help with Hyperautomation

Any automation solution is only as good as its execution. This is where Quinte excels; by providing proven expertise in managing complex implementation programs from start to finish. Here are some of the ways we apply our automation expertise:

Fraud Mitigation

Automation helps protect against fraud by automatically freezing compromised accounts. We can help to reduce human touchpoints and fast-track false positive investigations by automating manual tasks.

Loan Processing

Our automation solutions can enable better loan decisions, boost operational efficiency, and improve the customer experience. It can replace the conventional paper-based lending processes, consolidate internal and external data, and eventually leverage ML-based credit scoring models for an informed decision.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

We can help to accelerate your onboarding processes by identifying potential risk areas with machine learning models, application screening, and intelligent document processing without human intervention.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Our analytics automation capabilities can quickly and accurately process large volumes of valuable data, providing critical and hidden insights for business decisions. This results in better products, enhanced services and improved productivity, and help your businesses to capitalize on what customers want.

Anti-money Laundering (AML)

Digital Banks

Our AML automation solutions can consolidate customer information from numerous watchlist databases that contain money launderers, fraudsters, or politically exposed persons (PEPs). With automated transaction monitoring, you can monitor transactions in real-time, detect suspicious activity, and generate alerts for further investigation. It can also check client account status and automate other manual tasks involved in customer onboarding.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance automation solutions can reduce the time spent tracking regulations and decrease the possibility of fines due to manual errors. It also helps to scan legal and regulatory documents automatically to check non-compliant issues without any manual intervention.

Competitive Advantage Through Operational Excellence

We believe driving operational excellence is the pathway to digital transformation and competitive advantage. To help clients achieve that goal, we combine technological innovation with data-driven insights and human expertise. Our solutions and services can be customized to meet the needs of financial institutions of all types and sizes.

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